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At Pro IT Care we offer a variety of website service, including website design to better support you in creating or adjusting your website according to your needs. The table below compares the different website design services we offer.

Website Design Packages Advanced Premium
Full Website Design and Creation:

First of all, our starting point will be your existing marketing materials. For example, logo, videos, photos, brochures, or any other information you may have to custom design and create your website.

Also we will make sure that all the pages are clear and user friendly, easy to navigate and eye-catching to attract prospective customers to your business. At the same time build a website adaptable and expandable as your business grows.

Up to

10 Pages

Up to 25 Pages
Photo Enhancement:
We can use any photo you may have. If you do not have any, we can supply and insert photos as needed that will enhance your visuals and make your website more attractive.
Mobile responsive website.

A mobile responsive website will detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation changing the layout accordingly. Including desktop monitors, tablets, and mobile devices. A responsive website design is flexible and it will make it easier to read and use on a mobile device, with some features like click to call, maps, etc.

Social Media:

3 Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) linked to your website to get more traffic and boost your marketing possibilities.

Personalized and Customized Website Design:

We can use your logo and marketing materials to turn your website into a totally unique, fully customized website, including the website header, favicon, etc.

In case you don’t have any Logo we can create one for you at additional charge.

Slide Show of Photos:

Slide show of photos combining up to 5 slides of your choice to add a visual boost and illustrate your business.

X  X

Up to 5 revisions when creating the website for the 1st month, so you can check every page as we go. We will make all the changes you request ensuring that your final website fulfils your design specifications in every aspect.

SEO Designed to be Search Engine Friendly:
Website built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, meaning that the structure of the website will be focused on content in order to obtain more organics results.
Up to

10 Pages

Up to 25 Pages




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